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Nicole Ganguzza Graduate Student Essay Scholarship
In order to honor the life and memory of Nicole Ganguzza, Mental Health Counselors
of Central Florida (MHCCF) established a student scholarship award in her name. One graduate student will be awarded $500, and the top 3 finalists will be special guests at our Annual New Year Breakfast. Click on the image below for more details. 

Office Available Soon in Orlando: Baldwin Park Neighbor...Corrine Drive Counseling Center is looking to expand even further!  We are looking for 1) a Psychiatrist or Mental Health Nurse, or 2) a mental health clinician (LMHC, LMFT, LCSW or intern), or 3) other health care professional (Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist etc), or
4) other business related professional. Located .5 mile from Baldwin Park and 3 miles from downtown Orlando.
 Check out our website at .  Please call David (Manager) at 407-406-3130 or Joe (Director) at 407-716-7207.


For almost 20 years the Orlando Counseling Center for Children Families and Adults P.A. has maintained a thriving and profitable practice that emphasizes trauma intervention specialties in dealing with the aftermath of local, national and international disasters and with terrorism. As well, this practice has centered on marriage counseling, family counseling and in dealing with difficult kids. Other members of the practice round out a wide variety of specialties including, but not limited to children, male and female issues, depression, anxiety and bipolar or other mood disorders and a variety of adjustment disorders.  All of us are dedicated licensed therapists years of experience in both private and group practices.

And for the first time in its history…
The Orlando Counseling Center for Children, Families and Adults P.A.
is looking to interview a dynamic motivated registered intern to join us in our practice.

If accepted, your referral will learn all aspects of this business from billing and scheduling to marketing and bookkeeping. The candidate will be personally supervised by an approved supervisor at no cost to them. The candidate will have furnished office space and attend weekly staffing’s where they will have the benefit of input from all of the licensed professionals at the counseling center.

The candidate will be given a marketing budget and will have access to learning about local and extended trauma intervention. The candidate will gain assistance with learning how to become paneled with insurance companies. The candidate will learn about employee assistance programs, how to qualify as a member of those programs and how to market to them.

 The candidate will learn how to set up their own corporation and how to do the necessary bookkeeping and tax filings to be successful. The candidate will learn to budget and project.

The candidate will learn how to be a therapist and learn the differences in approaches to counseling. The candidate will learn the DSM IV and V and how this affects them.

The candidate will have the opportunity to attend conferences and trainings at no charge. Our therapists average not only a good income, but a good lifestyle as well. These are just a few of the many skills we are open and prepared to help a successful candidate obtain and that is the exact reason we are looking to you for this very important recommendation. (10/28/14)



You’re ready to be a counseling professional, but there’s that exam…Right? That’s why a membership with will prepare you for your licensure exam. AND HERE’S WHAT YOU GET…. Unlimited access to our 250 Simulations, Case Studies, and test question areas (1000’s of questions) and they’re divided into exam content which you probably didn’t cover in your graduate school such as: progress notes, service delivery, consultation, supervision, 12 Step program and other information that is on the exam. You can check out matching, definitions, and even take a FREE practice simulation exam. Don’t forget; you can access exam banks 24/ 7, and you have the option to upgrade your membership for a longer time at a reduced rate. Finally, you’ll have access to secrets to passing, theories, an audio section and receive e-mails covering content that’ll help you study for the Exam!! You can use our case dissection, Pick It Apart and Abigail Project to learn how to “think” like the folks that designed the exam. I’m here to help make this exam as quick and painless as possible, and here’s my guarantee…if for some reason you don’t pass the first time, let me know, and I’ll give you a second subscription to the site for free. I want you to pass! Dr. Linton Hutchinson : email help

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